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Posted by  Greg Pigate on  July 20th, 2006
Site Info
Welcome to our website
Welcome to GREGANDAMY.PIGATE.COM. Thank you for visiting. Amy and I (Greg) have created this site to share pictures and news with our family and friends. The efforts were expedited by the birth of our first child, Ryan Carver Pigate. See the article below, and the gallery for more details. Now that the site is up and fully functional, be sure to check out the news, message board, and calendar for upcoming events. I will be posting video soon. We also have a section for our favorite links, whether it be a product we would recommend or a site we visit frequently.

If you would like to use the message board to talk to us (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), you will need to register for the website. This will only take a few seconds. It's a great idea to register so that when we send out a newsletter, you will be included on the email listing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Thank You For Visiting

Posted by  Greg Pigate on  June 18th, 2008
Who's Who the Answer
See if you can tell who is who. Our parents were nice enough to let us have our baby pictures.
Amy Pigate
Ryan Pigate
Greg Pigate

Posted by  Greg Pigate on  June 18th, 2008
Family News
Went to Charleston

We took off for Charleston for a long fathers day weekend. With the camper in tow everyone was excited and ready to get there. We arrived Friday afternoon and took it easy getting everything set up. We met a bunch of nice people even some from our home town. If you have never been to the Jamestown County park in Charleston (James Island), you need to go. The camp sites are very nice with full hook ups, a general store, and plenty of things to do. Our favorite was the splash zone right across the street. They had a very large area with a lot of activities for a two year old. Ryan absolutely loved it and we had a lot of fun. You can check out the park HERE

Take a look at some of our pictures in the Vacation gallery